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Medical coverage provides benefits for preventative, basic, major and critical medical treatment from any doctor and any hospital.


Dental plans cover preventive care, basic care, and major care. Orthodontic care services are discounted at participating providers.


Our vision plan saves customers as much as 84%. Coverage includes eye exams, corrective lenses, corrective contacts, annual allowance towards frames.


With a few plans to choose from, coverage could include payouts for short-term injuries or long-term disability plus extra coverage to help cover out-of-pocket fees.


Short-term, renewable life insurance options can add peace of mind and financial security when families need it most.

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“I had put off Health insurance for a long time because of how long and frustrating the process was but my advisor was able to find me a policy. He made the process quick and easy and seems to know all the ins and outs too. He's definitely the person to talk to if you feel like there is no way you should be paying so much for health insurance.”

Diane R.

“My advisor made it super easy to get quality self-employed health coverage! He listened to me, conducted solid research and returned to me with affordable options that work. During the process, I felt that he cared more about my health than lining his own pockets with wealth! Thanks!”

Chandra H.

“He is a Health Insurance Expert, very knowledgeable. I scheduled a last-minute appointment with him and he was able to get me the health coverage I needed.”

Jenny A.

Why Us?

Any doctor / any hospital

Nationwide coverage

Customizable health insurance

Personal, reliable service

Enroll or change coverage at anytime

Low or no deductible plans

Significant cost savings over ACA plans for qualified clients

Each plan pays in addition to any coverage you have in force

Learning Center

Learn more about tips to help you in Healthcare & Business

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This video answers one question and this series will answer many more! We hope you enjoy!

When Can I Change My Health Insurance? 1:22

You may be able to change your insurance more often than you think! It isn’t just during open enrollment.

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