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Why work another JOB

when you could build a CAREER?

Stop working for someone else, and be in business for yourself.

The world is your office!

As long as there’s WiFi, you can choose to conduct business practically anywhere–at home or on the road. We have office space around the country, so…get adventurous! While still generating a paycheck.

Everyone takes the time to help you find your footing in this career and there are always other agents around to help you out if you get stuck. This really is a family!”

Nicola L.

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Work Remotely

Enjoy the freedom to explore the world!

Be Your Own Boss

Manage your own schedule.

No Cold Calls or Door Knocking

EVER! Easy Affordable Health Insurance will provide you with warm leads of real individuals searching for our services.


One of the major differences between Easy Affordable and all the rest is our industry-leading compensation. We pay out high commission percentages, delivering wealth to our agents first before the company profits.

Weekly Advances

Make a sale, get paid.
We pay on time, every time.

Monthly Bonuses

Hit your goals and get rewarded!

Residual Income

As long as a client remains active, you get paid.

No Degree? No worries.

A successful career with Easy Affordable Health Insurance is possible for anyone with:

A Solid Work Ethic: You put in the effort, and we’ll provide you with the tools, resources, and training you need to thrive. 

A Team Player Mentality: Although you’ll technically be self-employed, you’ll never be on your own. At Easy Affordable, we’ve always got your back, and in turn we’re looking for individuals who can add their strengths to the team.

Tools of the Trade

Aside from the proper licensing and training (which we help you with), you'll need a computer, strong WiFi, a cell phone, headset, and a couple of other basic pieces of equipment to start making sales! We'll set you up with the proper software and tools that you'll need to succeed.

Abandon the Ameteur

Put on the Professional

Easy Affordable Health Insurance is dedicated to helping you grow your sales skills, build a large network, and develop professional knowledge that will serve you for a lifetime. Your career should be engaging, growth-oriented, and challenging. A pathway to making a difference.

Start your journey with Easy Affordable today and become more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon until I start making money?

It really depends on you. If you work through the process and get licensed quickly, you can start earning in just a few weeks! So don’t delay, get started right away.

What is the true income potential?

How hard are you willing to work? We’ve literally had some who barely work and make a lower annual income and we’ve had many agents who put their nose to the grindstone and have become millionaires in just a few years (we have proof).us.

Hear from Current Employees!

Brook Bell

Brook is one of our licensed advisors who was able to overcome a challenging life circumstance and even customized a plan for her own situation.

Ridge Sink

Ridge has worked with us for 5 years and has been very pleased with his ability to offer great products to customers and great support to take care of them.


Steve loves working with us to deliver quality insurance to people that need it most.

Frank Anton

Frank has been with us since 2021 and his life has completely changed from his previous job as a personal trainer and waiter.

Cameron Lenhoff

Cameron started with us back in May of 2022 and left corporate America to have a great work-life balance and direct connection to our leadership.