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Health coverage provides benefits for medical treatment but doesn’t include benefits for non-medical expenses. Traditional life insurance pays benefits after death. What if You survive a critical illness? Where will You find the financial resources to cover non-medical costs during Your recovery?

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“I had put off Health insurance for a long time because of how long and frustrating the process was but my advisor was able to find me a policy. He made the process quick and easy and seems to know all the ins and outs too. He's definitely the person to talk to if you feel like there is no way you should be paying so much for health insurance.”

Diane R.

“My advisor made it super easy to get quality self-employed health coverage! He listened to me, conducted solid research and returned to me with affordable options that work. During the process, I felt that he cared more about my health than lining his own pockets with wealth! Thanks!”

Chandra H.

“He is a Health Insurance Expert, very knowledgeable. I scheduled a last-minute appointment with him and he was able to get me the health coverage I needed.”

Jenny A.

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